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Cheese and butter commodities are traded daily and prices indicated below are "End-of-Day" quotes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. All other prices are average prices (per pound) over a weekly basis.

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Date: September 22, 2017

Commodity Type Current Price Last Week's
Average Price
Dairy Price Graphs
ButterGrade AA$2.4475$2.4645PDF
Nonfat Dry MilkExtra Grade$0.8225$0.8240n/a

Daily Price Reports: Cheese, Butter, Nonfat Dry Milk
Closings and Weekly Averages Report

Commodity Type This Week's Average Price Dairy Price Graphs
Nonfat Dry MilkCentral and East (Low/Medium Heat)0.88000PDF
Nonfat Dry MilkCentral and East (High Heat)1.02000n/a
Nonfat Dry MilkWest (Low/Medium Heat)0.86000Chart    PDF
Nonfat Dry MilkWest (High Heat)1.03250n/a
Nonfat Dry MilkCalifornia Weighted Average0.88580n/a
Buttermilk PowderCentral and East0.90750n/a
Buttermilk PowderWest0.90500PDF
Whey PowderCentral0.37000PDF
Whey PowderWest0.37500Chart    PDF
Whey PowderNortheast0.37875PDF
Animal Feed WheyCentral (Milk Replacer)0.28000n/a
LactoseCentral and West0.29500PDF
Whey Protein ConcentrateCentral and West0.82250PDF
Whole MilkNational1.50000n/a

Prices courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture.
Graphs courtesy of Penn State University and the USDA.