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Dairy Markets


Special Market Reports
Cheese and butter commodities are traded daily and prices indicated below are "End-of-Day" quotes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. All other prices are average prices (per pound) over a weekly basis.

Please read our disclaimer regarding prices posted on this website.

May 24, 2024

Commodity Type Current Price Last Week's
Average Price
Dairy Price Graphs
ButterGrade AA$3.1225$3.1125PDF
Nonfat Dry MilkExtra Grade$1.1750$1.1740n/a

Daily Price Reports: Cheese, Butter, Nonfat Dry Milk
Closings and Weekly Averages Report

Dry Products Average Weekly Prices
May 23, 2024

Commodity Type This Week's Average Price Dairy Price Graphs
Nonfat Dry MilkCentral and East (Low/Medium Heat)1.1850PDF
Nonfat Dry MilkCentral and East (High Heat)1.2850n/a
Nonfat Dry MilkWest (Low/Medium Heat)1.1600n/a
Nonfat Dry MilkWest (High Heat)1.3050n/a
Buttermilk PowderCentral and East1.1100n/a
Buttermilk PowderWest1.1700PDF
Whey PowderCentral0.3925PDF
Whey PowderWest0.4475PDF
Whey PowderNortheast0.3963PDF
Animal Feed WheyCentral (Milk Replacer)0.2800n/a/
LactoseCentral and West0.3250PDF
Whey Protein ConcentrateCentral and West1.0250PDF
Whole MilkNational2.2300n/a

Dry Products Price Summary - U.S. Weekly Report

Prices courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture.
Graphs courtesy of Penn State University and the USDA.

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